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Imaam & Mosque Services

The Society is proud to offer a variety of services to the community. Services provided include providing a venue for religious functions and events such as Eid celebrations and weddings. The full time Imaams are responsible for counselling, domestic and religious matters, attending to the sick, as well as meeting the social welfare needs of new Muslims.

The centre also provides funeral services (i.e. Ghusl and Janaaza prayers). In the event of a death, please contact the following members who will be able to assist you:

  • Maulana Aslam – 0431 620 629
  • Maulana Nawaaz – 0423 734 438

Hiring Pricelist

Need tables or chairs? Pots or Pans? We’ve got you covered. ISOA hires out everything you need. Have a look at our competitive price list for full details. (Prices as at July 2015)

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