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Construction Underway!

Alhamdulillah the Society has begun the construction of the Mosque project. Earthworks and some subsequent renovations are well underway and much progress has been made since commencement (in March). With your help, InshaAllah we can look toward completing Stage 1 of the project in the near future. Stage 1 of the project includes:

  • Masjid
  • Madrassah
  • Community Hall
  • Library

We are in need of your financial assistance so please give! To keep track of the construction progress, keep an eye out for updates on the photo log below.

The Algester Mosque Project

Foreward From The President

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam

Islamic Society of Algester – Building Project

The Islamic Society of Algester was established in 1990 in response to the growing Muslim community in Brisbane.

Over the years since incorporation as a Society, the community has grown substantially. The Society bought its current premises (an old house) in 1997 and has used this as a mosque and community centre ever since. Since 1997 the Society acquired adjoining land, such that the total land area now owned is 2.5 acres.

The funding for the purchase of the house and additional land has been raised in full by the local community. Particular acknowledgement is due for the contributions made by the late Haji Abdul Aziz & Hajiani Sarah Hussein and their family in achieving this and for the family’s continued support. Currently the Society employs two imams and conducts the following activities at the existing centre:

  • Daily salaat (five times)
  • Jumma prayers
  • Ladies classes
  • Youth programmes
  • Madressa classes (approximately 50 students)
  • Hifz classes (10 students)

Three students have completed Hafiz studies in the last year.

The current house is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the growing community and future requirements. On occasions, salaat has to be recited outdoors as there simply isn’t the capacity to hold the number of people indoors. For lectures and functions within the community, external halls are hired.

It has therefore become an urgent need in recent years to move beyond the existing old house that has served us very well, and construct a new centre.

In this regard a building project was designed a few years ago. The overall project has three components as follows:

  • Mosque complex – three levels (underground carpark, ground floor hall and first floor Mosque and madressa classrooms);
  • Imaams’ quarters and sporting facilities; and
  • Residential units which will provide the centre with income and future financial security.

With the costs of the whole project being out of current reach, the committee has decided to proceed with the urgently needed phase one, being the mosque complex (refer attached photograph of construction in progress).

The budget for the current mosque phase is approximately $4.5 Million.

Fundraising among the local community, comprised largely of recent migrants who are working or have small businesses, has its limitations.

Having funded the acquisition of the property (cost of house, adjacent land and preliminary building costs) and contributions of a further $1.5 Million from within the local community, we need to look outside to raise the additional $3.0 Million to complete the mosque phase already under construction.

We therefore appeal for your generous and urgent support towards our project and pray that you are rewarded in this world and the hereafter for your contribution.

For and on behalf of the committee.

Masood Ayoob

Cost Summary

Overall estimated cost to complete Mosque phase: $4,500 000

Approximate allocation of cost on the basis of end user area:

Hall: 767.00m2 $1,823,000
Library: 154.40m2 $367,000
Offices: 71.20m2 $169,000
Prayer Area: 682.80m2 $1,622,000
Madressa: 218.18m2 $520,000
TOTAL 1,893.58m2 $4,501 000

Staging Plan


First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan

Letters of Support

Construction In Progress

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Building Prospectus

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